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LAST UPDATED: Monday, April 13, 2015

Heather and Dave are taking some time off to Rest and Recover and will have Copper SKy back in action real soon.

2015 COPPER SKY GIG DATES ARE FILLING UP FAST! Heather is actively booking for 2015 and dates are being grabbed like they are going out of style. If you want to have Copper Sky packing your house it is time to reach out to Heather and snag the dates you want for 2015 before they are all gone! For booking information feel free to contact Heather through the "Booking Information" page here on the website under the Contact Us heading or through email at: hmsguitar@msn.com or by phone at (717) 676-2812.

I know it may seem early, and in reality it is, but it is that time of year that Heather begins booking for the following concert season and dates are being added almost daily for 2015. Stay tuned to the CS website and in particular the schedule page for the constant changes.

Sky News:


This Weeks Schedule at a Glance:

Who Is Copper Sky:

Who is Copper Sky? Wow, that's a tough question to give a straight answer.

Some would describe them as a folk band doing songs like "Shady Grove" and covering Neil Young and the like. Some may say they are a "hippie" cover band with songs like "Old Hippie" in the mix and covering artists such as "Janis Joplin", "Joni Mitchell" and "the Momas and the Papas". With music in their repertoire by "Sam the Sham", "John Prine" "the Byrds" and "Jefferson Airplane" the term oldies cover band has been bandied about. Copper Sky has been said to be a "Beatles" cover band due to their strong influences and showing in their mix of songs. A pop/country cover band comes to mind playing songs by "Adele", "Alanis Morrissette", "REM", "Alison Kraus" and "Led Zeppelin". They have even been compared to a blues cover band playing "Bonnie Raitt" and "Etta James'. They are even known for their incredible originals from their own "Beauty Out Of Blue" cd that they play regularly during their live performance. They also have a reputation and have been compared to vaudeville due to their onstage antics and open interplay with their audience.

There is truly no easy way to define, catagories or pigeon hole exactly what is Copper Sky (aka copperskyband). What is known is that Copper Sky are two tremendous talents (Heather on guitar and vocals and Dave on bass and vocals) that put fourth an incredible live show over 150 times a year. They perform in central and eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, California and Florida both as Copper Sky and as part of Tropical Soul doing both cover songs and a good mix of originals in both incarnations.

Copper Sky has also developed a deep rooted, dedicated and passionate fan base that are willing to travel great distances to get their CS fix even to the extent of traveling from the north east to Key West for a week of shows with Tropical Soul filling venues with ease. Not to mention traveling all over Copper Sky's usual haunts in the mid-atlantic filling those venues as well.

A Copper Sky performance is an all-encompassing experience of incredibly performed music with a complete mix of genre's and originals to satisfy every musical taste. Mixed with loads of good clean fun (at each other's expense, mostly Dave's) to keep the audience fully entertained throughout the performance. And as good as these two musicians are, we are not talking prima donna's as they love the interplay, communication and comrade with their audience and fans both during the show as well as when not on stage, making friends as well as fans along the way.

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